The burden of victory

I have been asked from, one top football french blog, to join in a group of international illustrators and realize a series of posters on football. They have some deals with Paris galleries to show them to the public during the next festival of football movies in France next june and they are part of the organization.
It's my series of 6 posters, in propaganda style, where the titles are inspired by the war messages:
all about win or score or save! In a very dramatic tone. I took inspiration also from "1984" and "V for Vendetta".
Imagine to be a football player and to be part of one the best soccer nations like: Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy,... the sad truth is, you can't enjoy the world cup as a great event that bring happiness, joy with a touch of tension because you are going to play against the best players from all over the world. You can't because your nation wants to win the cup, wants to win every game because during this event all the world will be watching you and you can't commit mistakes. This is the burden of victory.

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