Milan Fairy Tales

The basic idea of the project is to tell children the story of AC Milan and of its champions in the most suitable language for them: that of the fairy tale and illustrated book.

The intent is to convey the sound and positive values of sport to the kids and give their parents a way to share with their children their passion for a team and a club so rich in history and glory such as AC Milan.
"There are fairy tales that seem true and truth that looks like a fairy tale. This is one of those ... " So begins the illustrated tales dedicated to Marco Van Basten told inside of "The Swan of Utrecht", the first exclusive e-book in the series "Milan Fairy Tales."
"The Swan of Utrecht" opens a new tradition; a new way of telling a great passion for Milan, handed down from father to son. Born out of the imagination of two big Milan fans, David Barco and David Pasquale, the fairy tales in the series "Milan Fairy Tales" tell the stories of the stars and of the moments that have been unique in the Rossoneri club.
Here the offical annoucement on the offical A.C. Milan website:
Here the link to the ebook store for the "the Swan of Utrecht":
iTunes_the_swan_of_utrecht (english version)
•iTunes_il cigno_di_utrecht (italian version)
Here the link to the ebook store for the "Captian Franz":
•iTunes_captain_franz (english version)
•iTunes_il_capitano_franz (italian version)
•Amazon_captain_franz (english version)
•Amazon_il_capitano_franz (italian version)


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